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Language of Instruction English
Level of Course Unit First Cycle
Department / Program PHYSICS
Mode of Delivery Face to Face
Type of Course Unit Elective
Objectives of the Course to teach the application of light-matter relations; especially how light is detected by semiconductor devices and their underlying physics will be studied in detail.
To apply fundamental sem─▒conductor knowledge to optoelectric devices, to provide necessary information of optoelectronic devices and the basic operating principles. To follow new developments on the subject of engineering applications.
Course Content Introduction to wave nature of light.
Semiconductor fundamentals,
pn junction principles and characteristics under light,
light emitting diodes (LEDs) and characteristics.
Stimulated emission devices-lasers: gas lasers, principles of semiconductor laser diodes, heterojunction lasers,
quantum well devices.
Photodetectors: principles of pn junction photodiode, pin, avalanche, and heterojunction photodiodes and operation principles.
Photovoltaic devices-solar cells and solar cell materials.
Course Methods and Techniques
Prerequisites and co-requisities None
Course Coordinator None
Name of Lecturers Associate Prof.Dr. SERKAN ATE┼×
Assistants None
Work Placement(s) No

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