Course Information
SemesterCourse Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleL+PCreditNumber of ECTS Credits

Course Details
Language of Instruction English
Level of Course Unit First Cycle
Department / Program PHYSICS
Mode of Delivery Face to Face
Type of Course Unit Compulsory
Objectives of the Course With both the theoretical and practical knowledge gained through this course a student is expected to have the necessary qualifications and background to be able to solve the mathematical problems encountered in real life situations
Course Content Infinite sequences and series, power series, Taylor and Maclaurin series. Vectors and the geometry of space; the dot product, the cross product. Vector-valued faunctions and motion in space. Partial derivatives; functions of several variables, limits and continuity in higher dimensions, directional derivatives and gradient vectors, extreme values and saddle points, Lagrange multipliers. Multiple integrals; double integrals, double integrals in polar form, triple integrals in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Integration in vector fields; line integrals, vector fields, path independence, Green’s theorem, surface area and surface integrals, Stokes’ theorem, the Divergence theorem.
Course Methods and Techniques
Prerequisites and co-requisities None
Course Coordinator None
Name of Lecturers Prof.Dr. İSMAİL HAKKI DURU
Assistants None
Work Placement(s) No

Recommended or Required Reading
Resources Thomas’ Calculus 11th Edition by George Brinton Thomas, Frank R.Giordano, Joel Hass
Calculus , Edwards&Penney , Calculus with Analytic Geometry , Richard A . Silverman

Course Category

Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Activities are given in detail in the section of "Assessment Methods and Criteria" and "Workload Calculation"

Assessment Methods and Criteria
In-Term Studies Quantity Percentage
Midterm exams 2 % 40
Quizzes 5 % 20
Homeworks 0 % 0
Other activities 0 % 0
Laboratory works 0 % 0
Projects 0 % 0
Final examination 1 % 40
% 100

ECTS Allocated Based on Student Workload
Activities Quantity Duration Total Work Load
Weekly Course Time 1 48 48
Outside Activities About Course (Attendance, Presentation, Midterm exam,Final exam, Quiz etc.) 1 4 4
Application (Homework, Reading, Self Study etc.) 1 24 24
Exams and Exam Preparations 1 108 108
Total Work Load   Number of ECTS Credits 6 184

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
NoLearning Outcomes
1 The ability to test series for convergence and, if convergence is established, find approximations to their magnitudes.
2 The ability to apply Taylor s and McLaurin s series
3 The ability to to calculate limits of functions of several variables.
4 The ability to solve problems dealing with partial derivatives.
5 The ability to calculate double integrals.
6 The ability to use change of variables in double integrals.
7 The ability to apply work and line integrals.
8 The ability to use Green’s theorem.
9 The ability to calculate triple integrals in rectangular and cylindrical coordinates.

Weekly Detailed Course Contents
WeekTopicsStudy MaterialsMaterials
1 Infinite sequences and series
2 Infinite sequences and series
3 Vectors and the geometry of space
4 Vectors and the geometry of space
5 Vector-valued functions and motion in space
6 Midterm exam I
7 Partial derivatives
8 Partial derivatives
9 Partial derivatives
10 Multiple integrals
11 Midterm exam II
12 Multiple integrals
13 Integration in vector fields
14 Integration in vector fields
15 Final 1st week
16 Final 2nd week

Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10
C1 4 4
C2 4 4
C3 4 4
C4 4 4
C5 4 4
C6 4 4
C7 4 4
C8 4 4
C9 4 4

Contribution: 0: Null 1:Slight 2:Moderate 3:Significant 4:Very Significant